The Debut of The Felus Digest


When I took a break from blogging on Queen of Peaches in June of last year, I thought it was just going to be for the rest of the summer. Whoops! There goes a whole year.

I made my first post on Queen of Peaches at the very end of 2013 and ran it through June 2018. My blog before that, Wrestling Entropy, began in 2004 and ended in June 2010. (WTF is up with me blowing up my blogs in June?) I guess I just need these breaks every few years to reset my brain and reorient how I want to present myself as a writer.

Which is now...a Google doc?

Yes, it’s a Google doc, inspired by Dan Oshinsky’s brilliant Not a Newsletter project.

Click here to be taken to the first installment of The Felus Digest.

In this first month's edition, I've got a slightly longer intro to/explainer about this new project, along with writing on guitarist Tom Verlaine, a link to the YouTube footage of the recent Felus Cremins Band show we played on May 18 in Indiana, and a bunch of additional musings on film and more.

Looking forward to sharing with you in a hopefully more regular way again.