Marching Forth

Friends, I hope March has been as beautiful for you wherever you live as it's been for me in Chicago. Spring is springing early here, and I'm finding it so delightful.

I always try to get a self-portrait in the elevator whenever I go to the dentist (click here to see more of them, going back to 2007) and this one is notable for showing off my freshly dyed hair. Yes, it's back to brown for the moment. I've loved my pink hair years, but I gotta give it a rest for a bit. Stealth mode beckons.

What's new on the blog

On Queen of Peaches, I talk a little bit about how the only recurring dreams I ever have are about architecture:

I started to realize that though we tend to think of cities as being unchanging and solid, they’re actually completely mutable. (Which is why we marvel at these kinds of before-and-now photo essays, right?) Such is the preciousness of our dreams as well. So seemingly solid in so many ways, but also so ephemeral, charged only with the meanings and memories we choose to assign them.

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I love having highlights from my musical back catalog available online!

It's a little hard to believe the full-length album Time to Try that my former band Tiny Magnets recorded is going to be five years old this summer. But these past few years have definitely been action-packed, so the time has understandably flown by. In case you haven't listened to it recently (or, ever), click here to listen to "Boy in the Pink Shirt." Brian and I always liked to say that we would have sold out in a hot minute if Target had wanted to license it from us to use in a commercial.

There's of course plenty of professional musicians who have covered "I'm Waiting for the Man"--and I'll be posting a bunch of them in this series in future months--but I just couldn't wait to share this winningly rough-around-the-edges recording of a couple of young Italian buskers playing it outside some mall-esque boardwalk with a cigar-box guitar. A number of years ago, I got slightly obsessed with French rap music, and after hearing this cover (as well as this bombastic-fantastic version of Hendrix's "Foxy Lady"), I could easily see myself getting on a similar kind of Italian rock kick.

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Lilacs and love,