Heating Things Up in February


As a staff member at the Portland Psychic School (online only, y'all; I haven't relocated), I recently assisted with a five-week class all about turning on and working with one's own kundalini energy. The last time I spent five weeks working with kundalini energy was back in July 2011, and that chunk of time culminated with Brian and I changing our relationship from friends/bandmates to romantic partners. This time, the kundalini work ended with my being promoted to Director of Production for both of my company's two publishing arms. Aside from this being a sneaky way of my letting you know about this status change in my real/professional life, this is also my way of saying, to myself if nothing else, OMG, this shit works. Despite the fact that I've been actively learning and doing weird clairvoyant stuff since the fall of 2010, I still sometimes struggle to believe in its efficacy until stuff like this whacks me over the head.

I still take appointments for readings and healings if you're interested, but if you just want to jump straight into the deep end, PPS always has a host of classes running, most of them available to take online/remotely.


On the horizon:

  • For local friends, just a reminder that Brian and I will be tabling at the Barrington Area Library Comic Con on Sunday, March 4. We'll be slinging our zines and other publications, Qodèxx CDs, and $0.25 copies of groovy old comics, and I'll be debuting a brand-new zine all about RICK ASTLEY! (Yes, I'm serious. No, I'm not rick-rolling you. It's really true. Stay tuned for details on where and how you'll be able to purchase this thing of beauty if you're not able to attend the Con.)

  • Also for local friends, Brian, Gene Kannenberg Jr., and I will be reprising last summer's Qodèxx Happening at the gorgeously restored Colvin House in Edgewater on Monday, March 19.

  • And as previously mentioned, we'll be taking the Qodèxx show on the road to the 2018 Dartmouth Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference during the weekend of May 26 and 27. The music is, as ever, up on Brian's Bandcamp page, with an option for purchasing a bundle that includes a physical copy of the CD plus a copy of the graphic novella.

With love,