April Updates


Click here to read my April blog post, where I finally write out the story of the time my old Chevy Lumina broke down on Lake Shore Drive on a Friday afternoon just before rush hour.

Click here to watch the promo video that Brian and I recorded to explain a little bit more about the Qodèxx Happening. If you missed the recent reprise of the Qodèxx Happening here in Chicago (there's a few photos from the event here and here) and won't (understandably!) be able to check it out when we perform it on May 26 at the 2018 Dartmouth Illustration, Comics and Animation Conference in Hanover, New Hampshire, you can always stream and/or purchase the music via Bandcamp.

My Rick Astley Zine is now also available for purchase at Quimby's (online or in-store). Zines won't scrape yr data.

I had some thoughts about that (wonderful) recent write-up in the Guardian about the late chef Homaro Cantu.

And, honestly, god bless Brian for hearing me struggle a few weeks ago to remember the name of “you know, that band from the ‘90s, Sister Midget” and knowing that I meant Soul Coughing.

Be good to each other, and yourselves,